A Thing That Grows (no label LPS-5504)  1973?



Common Ground - A Thing (Fnt)


The usual defects apply for this youth folk/light-rock ensemble, namely humdrum unison vocals, mediocre song selection (mostly stuff from Otis Skillings musicals) and the occasional gaggy horn.  But I’m also gonna give them a big fat point for that lively rhythm section and garagy electric guitar.  That makes for spunky homemade covers of ‘Life’, ‘Right Now’, ‘I Looked For Love’, A Phoney’, ‘Relevant’ and ‘What  Would Other People Think?’ that are much better than what you usually get.  High school kids from Arlington Heights, Illinois.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Common Ground - A Thing (Bck)




01. Life

02. Born Again

03. A Phony

04. What Would Other People Think

05. A Prayer For Life

06. Try It

07. I Looked For Love

08. Relevant

09. Right Now

10. It’s A Thing That Grows