Benny Hester (Spirit  NDR-3001)  1978



The short-lived Spirit label broke Benny’s long silence and introduced him to Christian audiences.  I can’t say the new trend toward string orchestrated pop and ballads does much for me, but the rock stuff seems fairly solid.  ‘Jesus Came Into My Life’ with its Southern boogie stride and ‘Sure Of Your Call’ both make the grade and are refreshingly  devoid of any ccm refinements.  Closes with ‘We All Know He’s Comin’, a new recording of a song that also appears on his 1971 lp.  Later re-issued  on Myrrh with a different cover and title Be A Receiver.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Be a Receiver

02. Squeeze You

03. Sure of Your Call

04. Jesus Came Into My Life

05. The Door

06. Gonna Happen Here

07. Only You

08. Such a Relief

09. All You Can Do

10. We All Know He’s Comin’

11. Jesus Came Into My Life (Bonus Live)

12. We All Know He’s Coming (Live)