My Poor Generation (Rock The World NR 7825)  1973


Original Front



1976 Front

1976 Front



One of the more fascinating chapters in Jesus music history is that of Ohio’s commune-bred All Saved Freak Band whose four excellent custom albums creatively alternate blues rock with progressive hippie folk/folkrock.  Lead guitarist Glenn Schwartz is the person primarily responsible for the blues angle, his high-powered talented licks having done previous service within The James Gang and Pacific Gas & Electric.  ‘Great Victory’ and ‘Daughter Of Zion’ are first-rate heavy blues/boogie rockers that give plenty of room for Schwartz’s extended sizzling workouts.  On the other side of the spectrum are more delicately structured acoustic songs like ‘Lonely Street’, ‘Tom Miller’, ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ and ‘Flowers Of Time’, where sisters Kim and Pam Massmann add folk and classical textures through use of violin, cello, acoustic guitars and piano.  In between are slow mysterious psychy electric moods like the haunting minor-key ‘Ancient Of Days’ and the eerie opener ‘Elder White’.  ‘There Is Still Hope In Jesus’ features spoken testimony from member Rev. Larry Hill over strummed acoustic backing.  Raspy male vocals on the heavier tracks, graceful female leads on the softer selections.  Other contributors include Joe Markko (rhythm guitar), Ed Durkos (rhythm guitar) and Morgan King (bass).  A later 1976 pressing also exists with a slightly modified cover design.  Re-issued on CD in 1998 by Hidden Vision.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1976 Rear

1976 Rear




01. Elder White

02. Lonely Street

03. My Poor Generation

04. Tom Miller

05. Great Victory

06. Ancient Of Days

07. Lord Is My Shepherd

08. Daughter Of Zion

09. Christmas Song

10. There’s Still Hope

11. Flowers Of Time



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