Brainwashed (Rock The World  NR 5974)  1976



Toughest to find of the four lps and understandably so.  If For Christians, Elves & Lovers is the mellower side of ASFB, Brainwashed is the flip sider of the coin.  All those blues rockers they’d been saving up get released here full force.  Plenty of heavy organ, harmonica, and of course Glenn Schwartz’s searing guitar fireworks.  This album is non-stop sizzling stuff, beginning with the danceable hand-clappin’ opener ‘Ode To Glenn Schwartz’ with its lean-‘n’-mean funky swamp groove.  ‘Seek Him’ kicks it up again for another fast-paced blues rocker, one that still finds room for the Massmann’s strings.  ‘Don’t Look Back’ rocks efficiently for seven minutes with some tempo changes, while ‘Lonely’ slows the pace down with an organ/violin melody to close side one (sounds like skating rink music).  Side two opens with ‘Frog Alley’, a weird creepy piece of boogie-woogie with Larry Hill’s husky vocals singing about voodoo and whatnot, followed by the hilarious ‘Messed Up’ in which Glenn rattles off his testimony at about 180 mph (while pickin’ out some sweet acoustic blues licks).  Kim Massmann takes over lead vocals for the final three songs: ‘See The Flesh Fly’ (a ghostly minor-key ballad), ‘Having A Ball At The Smiling Dog’ (another high-powered slab of electric blues) and the baroque folk ballad ‘Our Answer (The 54th Psalm In Old English)’.  This in an incredible album folks.  Several different vocalists and lots of new participants  — it’s hard to tell from the credits who was in the band and who was just hanging around for the session.  So much variety here, too — it never gets boring.  Get your brain washed now!     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Peace, Love & Rock & Roll

02. Ode To Glenn Schwartz

03. Seek Him

04. Don’t Look Back

05. Lonely

06. Frog Alley

07. Messed Up

08. See The Flesh Fry

09. Smilin’ Dog

10. Our Answer


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