For Christians, Elves & Lovers (Rock The World ASFB 1001)  1976



The Freaks discover that J R R Tolkien was a Christian, inspiring the album title and some of the songs on this their sophomore release.  This is a more subdued outing compared to their other releases as the blues rockers take a back seat, allowing the folkier, classical elements to be given prominence.  Hey, no complaints here – this one gets equal play on my system with their barn-burner Brainwashed.  Whereas a lot of orchestration in my opinion tends to covert decent tunes into elevator fodder, here the cello, violin, harp and piano add a tasteful classical edge to cuts like ‘A Merry Go Round’, ‘Elfin Chimes’ and the ballad ‘By The Fire’.  The Massmann sisters’ voices are frequently highlighted, and they’ve never sounded sweeter.  ‘You Haunt My Mind’ is an effective progressive acoustic track that artfully combines guitar, organ and cello.  ‘Theme Of Fellowship Of The Ring’ is a strange gloomy piece with gurgly distorted lead vocals singing about “Mordor, where the shadows lie”.  ‘100th Psalm’ is done in a slow boogie style mixing growling fuzz bass with plucked strings and deep hums – just the kinda thing Tolkien’s hobbits mighta concocted.  ‘Water Street’ serves some fine lead electric guitar within its minor-key folkrock groove.  And ‘Old Man Daniel’ and ‘Great Victory’ remind us that the freaks haven’t lost their love for the blues, the latter song dishing out the lone Glenn Schwartz spicy guitar workout.  Good progressive folkrock from the states is hard to come by – I wish that other works were even half as creative as this.  Re-issued on CD by Hidden Vision.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Stephen

02. Our Feast Of Love

03. By The Fire

04. The 100th Psalm

05. You Haunt My Mind

06. Water Street

07. Theme For Fellowship Of The Ring

08. Elfin Chimes

09. The Big Race

10. Great Victory

11.The Lord Is My Shepherd

12. Old Man Daniel

13. Valley Of Decision

14. Larry’s Song


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