Take It To The People (Spirit NDR-3004)  1980



Take It To The People would probably get my vote as their best album.  They did away with most of the strings, added a few electric country rock edges, and fine-tuned their melodic American-Eagles-CSN style.  Clean production, mellow layered harmonies and catchy pop-minded songwriting combine to deliver the fresh sound heard on tracks like ‘Confrontations’, ‘Sunlight Fell On Me’, ‘Lookin’ For A Lifetime Love’, ‘Someone Is Waiting’ and ‘I’m On My Way’.  The rocker ‘Son Of Man’ is a standout.  Includes assistance from keyboardist Richard Souther.  Produced by Al Perkins who also contributes his usual pedal steel.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Confrontations

02. Take It To The People

03. Sonlight Fell On Me

04. Looking For A Lifetime Love

05. Living Nightdream

06. Cross On Over

07. Son Of Man

08. Someone Is Waiting

09. Letter To Laura

10. I’m On My Way


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