Gently Flowing Feeling (White Horse  WHR 1002)  1977





Bigger budget this go-around which translates into strings!  –  on the ballads anyway.  Ok, I’ll look past my pet peeve (only a handful of the album’s 12 songs get the orchestrated treatment anyway) and admit that this ain’t a bad album.  Certainly more polished than Albrecht & Roley and rockier at times (‘Shotgun’ and ‘Drink In The Soft Sound’) though overall the sound is best described by the album title.  Lotta names familiar here: Bob Hartman (Petra) contributes lead electric guitar, Al Perkins on pedal steel, and John Michael Talbot helps on acoustic guitar, banjo, and dobro.  Fancy fiddle courtesy Tim Briggs.  Pressed on white vinyl.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





01. Take Me To The Comfort

02. Engaged

03. Further Up & Further In

04. Over The Next Horizon

05. Constantly

06. Lead Me Through

07. Shotgun

08. Journey

09. White Seagull

10. Drink In The Soft Sound

11. To Keep Me Struggling On

12. Gently Flowing Feeling