Jesus Folk One  (Jesus Folk JFR-4002)  1976




Compilation album featuring Lilly Green, Vern Bullock (two songs each), Marj Snyder and Rick Ridings (three songs each).  All of their titles can be found on the artists’ respective albums, with the exception of Ridings ‘Worthy Is The Lamb’ which appears to be non-lp.  Also a folk/praise number from Dennis Ryder Group (‘Beloved’), and two songs from Dan Hurst that have more of a gospel and praise sound.  This small label also released albums by Phil McHugh and Glenn Garrett.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1LILLY GREEN - Food For The Hungry3:16
1-2MARJ SNYDER - The Way We Are2:44
1-3MARJ SNYDER - Walk By Faith3:02
1-4RICK RIDINGS - Worthy Is The Lamb2:53
1-5DENNIS RYDER GROUP - Beloved2:52
1-6LILLY GREEN - God, A Woman, And A Man 4:35
2-1DAN HURST - Home On High1:53
2-2MARJ SNYDER - Walk By My Window2:24
2-3VERNE BULLOCK - Walkin’ And Talkin’2:40
2-4RICK RIDINGS - He Set Me Free3:00
2-5VERNE BULLOCK - John 3:162:06
2-6RICK RIDINGS - Wedding Candle Song2:57
2-7DAN HURST - Praise His Name2:43