God Is A Fire Of Love  (GIA  M/S-134)  1970?



Twelve more original folk tunes, with Temple merrily zipping through titles like ‘We Thank You And We Praise You’, ‘Come, Holy Spirit! Come!’, ‘Holy Spirit Of The Living God’, ‘By Their Fruit’ and ‘Jesus, We’re Waiting For You’.  Simple melodies accompanied by acoustic guitar, bass, drums, flute, piano, vibes and female backing vocals, arranged by Jimmy Owens.  Subtitled Songs In A Pentecostal Spirit.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Sing The Praise Of Jesus

02. We Thank You And Praise You

03. Jesus Christ Is Lord

04. Come Holy Spirit

05. Where Two Or Three Are Gathered

06. Holy Spirit Of The Living God

07. God Is A Fire Of Love

08. Jesus Christ, Our King

09. By Their Fruit

10. Look At Jesus

11. Jesus, We’re Waiting For You

12. I’ll Raise You Up