Happy The Man (St. Francis  SFPS-2) 1967



A typical example of Sebastian Temple in the folk/pop format, or “folk-baroque” as the sleeve describes it.  Not as interesting as his purely acoustic records (such as the excellent Moses In Story & Song).  For one, the melodies all tend to be very simple, often like children’s songs.  The guitar is also overshadowed by the woodwinds (oboe, bassoon, flute  — the “baroque” angle I guess) and marimba.  Includes ‘Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace’, one of his best known songs.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord

02. Happy The Man

03. The Church Is Where Men Are

04. Let’s Make Peace

05. Canticle Of The Sun

06. Do You Know

07. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

08. Restore My Church

09. Good Lady Poverty

10. You Are The Answer

11. How Good It Is

12. The Blessing Of St. Francis

13. Faith, Hope, And Charity