Africa Belongs To The Lion (St. Francis  SFPS-3)  1972?











This is a lively collection of folk songs with their roots in his South Africa homeland some in his native Afrikaans tongue. Not a Christian work per se in the normal use of the term but some positive songs about life and some comments on our future from  “Mr. Tokolossie” the Zulu equivalent to a boogie man to “Play Play” about atomic bombs. My favorite is “Mountain Goat” and sorry but there is a skip on “Chicken Talk” just pretend the chickens are stirred up at that point. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Africa Belongs To The Lion2:25
1-2Find A Girl2:41
1-3Yes My Child2:30
1-4Mountain Goat2:01
1-5Dromlied (Drums In The Night)2:20
1-6Love Is A Lekkerding1:58
2-1I'll Build Me A Road2:17
2-2Chicken Talk2:25
2-3No Man's Child1:39
2-4The Big, Big Wall1:49
2-5Mr. Tokolossie2:25
2-6Play, Play2:28







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