Fixin’ Our Eyes On Jesus  (Bread ‘n Honey BH105)  1978



A release from the Campus Crusade for Christ, and here Paul brings a nice album with challenge for believers and outreach in mind. 8 of the 10 songs were penned by him. In my opinion we must never forget all the campus ministry groups including Campus Crusade that provided a haven and framework for new born Christian collegiates to live for Jesus, the revival may have waned but the work of discipleship went on much by these groups.    Review by Ozark Ken.




01. Dear Mom And Dad I’m Born Again

02. Call His Name

03. Faith To Faith

04. what a beautiful day

05. Can You Thank Him

06. Fixin’ Our Eyes On Jesus

07. Like A Lamp

08. Can Ya Give Me A Buck

09. I Am

10. Song No. 103





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