In Concert  (American Record Society  SP1051)  1966



In Concert features a whole new set of folk psalms using the same informal approach as Glory Bound, This time before a live audience.  Also two Genesis-inspired songs, ‘God Created Man’ and ‘Girl Called Eve’, the latter humorously explaining how we got Adam’s apples in our throats.  The diversity continues with bluesy spirituals, Spanish moods, minor-key laments and Pete Seeger-ish  folk, all with just one voice and one acoustic guitar (and the audience clapping between songs). The performance took place at Fairfield University and Seton Hall University.  Quite a versatile artist, a master at manipulating a number of moods through his simple medium.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. God Created Man

02. Girl Called Eve

03. Glory Unto God The King

04. Show Us The Holy Way

05. Come And Praise

06. Hal-Lay-Lu-Yah

07. On To Jerusalem

08. By The Waters Of Babylon

09. Song Of Thanks

10. God, Come On Down

11. Sing To God On High

12. O God, Hear My Prayer

13. Praise Him, Sing!