Seek And Ye Shall Find  (Custom РNorth Park College NO #) 1970?



This is a student gospel team presenting a combination of folk standards of the time and some more traditional church music numbers. If you like some of that late ’60s folk you’ll find some nice songs to fill that expectation here. Instruments include guitars, banjo and upright bass.¬† Review by Ozark Ken.




01. Seek And Ye Shall Find

02. Good News

03. Children Of The Heavenly Father

04. There’s A Meetin’ Here Tonight

05. Close The Door

06. Desert Pete

07. Thy Holy Wings, Dear Savior

08. Every Time I Feel The Spirit

09. This Little Light Of Mine

10. The Cat

11. As Tears Go By

12. Jesus Loves Me

13. Come The Day

14. I Sing With Joy And Gladness

15. Come Let Us Sing

16. Amen