Apple Tree (Inter-Varsity  IVP 279-598)  1975





Five years later but her style hasn’t changed one bit.  Half of Apple Tree‘s twelve songs are presented in a simple guitars-only acoustic format.  Some like ‘The Jesus Blues’ are enhanced with ornate leads from a second acoustic guitar.  Classical strings appear on ‘Jesus Emmanuel’ and ‘Sing Praise’,  woodwinds on ‘Bless The Lord’, ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and ‘The Lord Is Holy’, flute on ‘Shells’.  ‘Stained Glass Windows’ carries on in the tradition of Pattern’s title song: “Sun streaming through stained glass windows, colored shadows in a darkened room, red on brown — make colors sound, and give the peace of knowing You.”  All three of Linda’s albums were sponsored by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and have inserts containing lyrics and guitar chords.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Apple Tree2:11
1-2Jesus Emmanuel3:14
1-3There’s A Joy3:02
1-4The Jesus Blues2:42
1-5Stained Glass Windows3:37
1-6Bless The Lord2:37
2-1Sing Praise2:56
2-2Lord Lord3:20
2-4There Are Times3:27
2-5Jesus Love Me2:47
2-6The Lord Is Holy2:24