I Gave Jesus Control Of My Life (No label  34039)  1976?



This guy hangs mostly in a homegrown electric light rock format, sometimes with mild gospel and country edges.  A couple times he steps out into an edgier sound, as in ‘Let The Spirit Move’ and the soulful ‘Where Would I Be’, both of which sport a decent combination of electric guitar and organ.  I also liked the loungy electric-piano pop/samba groove on ‘His Love Will Last’.  Closes with ‘Persecution, Sacrifice And Promise’ which works in portions of Willie Nelson’s ‘The Troublemaker’ and Larry Gatlin’s ‘It Must Have Rained In Heaven’.  Looks like Jim is the drummer, assisted by a handful of others on guitars, organ, electric-piano, bass and backing vocals.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. I Gave Jesus Control Of My Life

02. That’s The Way It’s Gonna Stay

03. One Day Too Late

04. His Grace Made The Difference

05. Were Would I Be

06. His Love Will Last

07. Let The Spirit Move

08. Persecution, Sacrifice And Promise