Walk With Me (Caliche CR 103)  1979



Walk With Me has mostly a simple hymns-and-spirituals feel that includes choral/ensemble backing vocals from Ridgecrest United Methodist Church choir.  Piano is often the primary instrument, sounding especially effective on two beautiful solo ballads: Jean on the solemn ‘The Daughter of Jarius’,  Jim on the riveting eight-minute ‘Who Will Hear My Cry’ which contains a strong anti-nuclear message.  Guitars can be found taking the lead on strummed folk sing-alongs such as ‘Grab Another Hand’ and Jim Manley’s ‘Dance’ (flute and mandolin join in on the latter).  See also The New Wine Sound, New Wine 2, Summer Music Festival and The Life Abundant.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Jim Strathdee - Walk (Bck)




01. Grab Another Hand

02. Dance

03. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

04. We Have This Ministry

05. Daughter Of Jairus

06. Psalm 23

07. Introit For Kingdomtide

08. Joseph’s Song

09. Come, Lord Jesus

10. Who Will Hear My Cry

11. Move Me To Crying

12. Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord