The Power Of The Son (no label no #)  1979



Attractive set of folk originals from New Jersey  group of ten.  No denomination is specified, but their sound bears resemblance to the ’70s melodic Catholic folk style, similar to equally obscure recordings by artist like Paula Diesel, Bruce Griffen and Walk Humbly With Your God,  with some percussive dynamics that recall the days of the old World Library label.  Mostly female lead vocals, backed by acoustic guitar, piano, bass, electric guitar, bongos, woodblock and other percussion, all enveloped with a simple homemade warmth and appeal.  All songs written  by member Dorothy Rundio.  ‘Sing To The Lord A New Song’,  ‘Seek First The Lord’, ‘Jesus I Want To Praise You’, ‘Come Follow Me’, ‘Lord I’m Running Back to You’, etc.  Cover is a b&w pen-and-ink drawing of Jesus walking on the water.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Sing To The Lord A New Song

02. Seek First The Lord

03. Jesus I Want To Praise You

04. Lord O How I Love You

05. Isaiah’s Song

06. Come Follow Me

07. Listen My Children

08. My People

09. Lord I’m Running Back To You

10. You Have Become Part Of Me

11. Freedom Song