Father’s Family (ETYO LH-11466)  1976?


Father’s Family appears to be a collective name for the various artist ministering at Evangelistic Temple in Houston, Texas.  All of the artists from the above lp (save Barry McGuire) appear on this studio compilation as well.  Bob, Frank & Mark contribute four more tracks, mirroring the wistful rural acoustic style of Shiloh on ‘My Song’.  Folksinger Lee Anne Walker returns with four new songs, her simple acoustic style sometimes further developed to include bongos, flute and light string orchestration.  The four long-haired guys known as Hidden Manna (presumably the same ones called Manna on the other record) steal the show with their four rural folk/rock selections, a couple of which recall the relaxed style of America.  ‘Will You Stay’, the acoustic ballad ‘Come Unto Me’ and the country-edged ‘Father’s Son’ are all strong, but the standout is ‘Death In The City’ with its lead fuzz guitar and brisk bongo percussion.  Classy framed sepia photo on the gang on the front.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

I apologize for the sound on a few of these tunes. I tried repeatedly to re-record them to get a better quality I think now that those song were probably overplayed on this album and the grooves are too worn to get a decent recording from. At least you can get an idea of what was once there.      diakoneo




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Bob, Frank, And Mark - Ain't This A Beautiful Day 3:08
1-2Hidden Manna - Will You Stay 3:33
1-3Lee Anne Walker - Lift Up Your Eyes 3:32
1-4Hidden Manna - Father's Son 2:25
1-5Bob, Frank, And Mark - Sinner's Prayer 3:08
1-6Lee Anne Walker - Oh The Love Of Jesus 3:10
2-1Hidden Manna - Death In The City 3:48
2-2Lee Anne Walker - Praise The Son 3:12
2-3Bob, Frank, And Mark - My Song 4:13
2-4Lee Anne Walker - Our Father 2:54
2-5Hidden Manna - Come Unto Me 5:18
2-6Bob, Frank, And Mark - Hope N' Joy 2:18