Simple Things (Great Circle RGC-1049)  1980



Mostly light-rock and MOR/pop activity for this two-girl-and-a-guy Alabama outfit (only the girls sing).  Three of the better tracks reminded me slightly of Living Sacrifice: the dreamy ballad ‘Elijah’s Mantle’, ‘Adequacy’ and the closing rocker ‘Too Late’, the latter two with noteworthy electric guitar.  The summery ‘How Can I Thank You Enough?’ ain’t too bad either.  Also an okay funk groove pushing ‘Unclean’ along.  The rest of the lp is too Nashville and string-sweetened for these ears.  All songs written by member Roseanne Coleman.  This is the first album I’ve listened to  on the Great Circle that didn’t go straight to the reject pile.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Simple Things

02. Unclean

03. How Can I Thank You Enough

04. Five Loaves-Two Fish

05. Adequacy

06. Smile Awhile

07. Elijah’s Mantle

08. Reprise Of Love

09. See You In My Face

10. Too Late