Pillars of the Assembly (Pax  R-2408)  1979



My, my, here is a treat as I am quite sure anyone in church life in the late ’70s and early ’80S have heard some of these routines of “Doris and Henry” causing havoc in the church wherever they go, especially notable is the mission convention skit where they intend to “spread that love” which is far from what they end up doing. A great comedy lp that will make you recognize folks in the church just like them, or make you wonder if you’ve ever had such attitudes. 10 skits in all.  Review by Ozark Ken.




01. Going To The Missionary Convention

02. Doris And Henry Meet The New Preacher

03. The Big El-Split-O

04. Poor Sid, The Hospital Visitation

05. Sunday Afternoon At The Lakeside

06. Henry Paints A New Church Sign

07. Doris’ Resignation Of The Ladies Circle

08. Revival At First Memorial

09. The Nomination (The Right Man)

10. The Church PeeWee League Softball Game