The Merchant’s Ship (NRP  NR 2924)  1974?



Set aside all those presumptions about husband-wife albums because The Merchant’s Ship is a simply magical recording of dreamy edge folk, not unlike one of my all-time favorite groups Shekinah. Solemn melodies, moving harmonies, lucid acoustic guitar (sometimes with classical influences), deep mellotron backing, and sharp production all join hands in creating a lush impressionistic beauty. Other non-typical instruments include dulcimer, zither, melodica, moog and bongos. All songs written by Billy Stinson, the titles being ‘Pack Your Things’, ‘Thief In The Night’, ‘Sheep’, ‘Last Masquerade’, ‘Merchant’s Ship’, ‘Arise And Go’, ‘Hungry’, ‘Jerusalem’, and ‘Shepherd’s Song’. Recorded in North Carolina.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

I thought someone might be interested in the back cover.

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Pack Your Things3:50
1-2Thief In The Night3:30
1-4Last Masquerade3:36
1-5Merchant’s Ship3:57
2-1Arise And Go4:38
2-4Shepherd’s Song4:49