RSVP (Myrrh Gold MYR 1002) 1973  UK *














This simple male/female folk outfit is sort of a British version of gentle happy US groups like Gamble Folk and Random Sample. Adequate but missing any progressive elements that distinguish groups like Parchment.  Guitars, vocals, bass and that’s about it.  They do versions of Parchment’s ‘Light Up The Fire’, Malcolm & Alwyn’s ‘He Makes Us Happy’, ‘Streets Of London’, Three Crosses’ plus some original songs.  Enjoyable though nothing particularly exceptional about it.  Member Dave Pope followed with several light rock/MOR lps in the ’70s.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Love Song4:20
1-2Jesus Loves You3:34
1-3Yes Or No2:50
1-4Light Up The Fire3:05
1-5Streets Of London4:16
2-1He Makes Us Happy2:53
2-2My Song2:08
2-3You've Got To Be A Baby2:08
2-4Not Of Dreams (Jesus Christ Son Of God)3:20
2-5Three Crosses3:27