Call It Life (2X2 no #) 1979



As with the previous lp, Call It Life also contains some fine songs in spite of the cleaner production, smoother harmonies, synth strings and stronger MOR thrust, all of which steal much of the folky charm of the earlier lps.  The opening ‘McKenzie Park’ with its playful flute and electric piano melody has some sunshine pop appeal, as does the optimistic title track.  ‘The River Song’ keeps the strumming folk vibes alive, while ‘I Am Free’ has an attractive dreamy minor-key acoustic mood.  Most of the remaining tracks were too easy listening for my tastes, especially the ballads.  Interesting negative image cover photo of a downtown street (looks like Eaten Alive and TNT Jackson were showing at the cinema).     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Mckenzie Park

02. Such Good Friends

03. The River Song

04. Call It Life

05. I Am Free

06. Crossroads

07. Maybe Far Away

08. Then I Met Jesus

09. Song For Mama And Daddy

10. One More Time

11. I Wish I Could Write You A Song