Listen To The Silence (FEL 552)  1970



Once again the FEL label does not disappoint with this 12-man Catholic folk outfit led by Ron Meyer.  A solid beat carries along the guitars, bass, banjo and calm vocals – a carefree ’60s grown-up brand of folk.  Mix of upbeat and solemn material.  Some nice melodies registered after  a few spins, like ‘I’m Lookin’, ‘Christ Is Near’, ‘Sing Of Our God’ and ‘Get Up And Live’.  Sorta like Ray Repp meets The Seekers.  Trumpet on a couple tracks.  The members are all seminarians who met in Rome, hence the name of the group.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Listen To The Silence

02. I’m Lookin’

03. Come With Me

04. Christ Is Near

05. Forming God’s People

06. Shout Out, Sing Of His Glory

07. Sing Of Our God

08. Get Up And Live

09. Praise The Lord, My Brothers

10. A Promise Has Been Made

11. Gifts Of Bread And Wine

12. What Shall We Give