Peace (Herald HRS-5250) 1975



Same kind  of deal on this one, Rick’s first lp.  Mostly “that ccm sound” but rocks fairly decently on ‘Peace Won’t Come’, and to a lesser extent on ‘His Light Still Shines’.  Best track is the mellotron-enhanced ‘Six Sixty Six’, an unusual end-times piece with eerie chants of “six-sixty-six” that meld into a cover of Larry Norman’s ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’.  Most songs written by Rick or producer Erv Lewis.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01.  Peace Love And Hope

02.  Eternity To Live Or Die

03.  Reach For The Light

04.  Peace Won’t Come

05.  Brother Watch The Light

06.  Testimony

07.  His Light Still Shines

08.  Thank You Jesus, You’re My Friend

09.  Six Sixty Six

10.  Nearer To Thee