Album Three – More Music (Custom no #) 1982

Like the previous works they stay true to the simple folk format. Side one is filled with meaningful songs with mostly just acoustic guitar and a soloist format. Lay down my life is a standout track. Side two appears dedicated to Mary, but don’t let that scare you off. Although Mary is revered it is understood her main ministry is to lead others to her Son, His cross, and redemptive work. Keeping that in mind you will enjoy this side as well. ‘The Most Of All’ is a beautiful song of Mary enjoying Jesus as a child before his future adult destiny unfolds. ‘Canticle’ is an absorbing somber almost minor key sounding song, super guitar work make it a standout.  Review by Ozark Ken.



01. A Priest Forever

02. Jesus In Me

03. Child Of Grace

04. My Heart Cries

05. Lay Down My Life

06. City Of Light

07. Peace

08. Immaculate Mary

09. Mary My Mother

10. The Most Of All

11. Seasons Of Life

12. Mary

13. The Canticle

14. Immaculate Mary (Reprise)