There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far (Inter-Varsity LPS-03498) 1969





I doubt you’ll find a prettier voice than in the early simple folk offerings of Linda Rich.  The producers wisely chose to use an austere approach.  Often all we hear backing Linda’s resonant alto voice is here classical guitar (the title song, ‘One Day’, ‘The Shadows Sing’, ‘The Edges Of His Ways’).  When she’s backed by cello, flute, or clarinet (as on ‘Sunlight, Shadow’, ‘Clouds Above’, ‘Come Unto Me’), the effect is more classical, not pop or easy listening.  Linda’s compositions may be lyrically-simple praise offerings or poetically rich, almost Cockburn-esque descriptions.  As the album title suggests, this is not just a “hey-folks-I’ve-got-all-the-answers” Christian record.  Consider these lyrics from ‘Song Without Words’: “sorrowful – yet not sad, happy  – and yet not glad; searching – yet I know the Way; Father, teach and lead me day by day”.  Her guitar playing is uncomplicated but proficient.  Some tunes like ‘Man Of Galilee’ and ‘Walking With Jesus’ became youth group favorites.  My personal pick is ‘Tomorrow’s Mountain’, a briskly strummed minor-key song enhanced by flute accompaniment.  Especially with the recent resurgence of interest in folk music, people would do well to discover Linda Rich.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1There’s More2:26
1-2Sunlight, Shadow2:19
1-4Clouds Above2:04
1-5One Day2:03
1-6Tomorrow’s Mountain3:03
2-1Man Of Galilee2:08
2-2Song Without Words2:12
2-3The Shadows Sing2:06
2-4Walking With Jesus2:29
2-5The Edges Of His Ways2:51
2-6Come Unto Me1:33