I Wanted You To Know  (CorKenny  53X40)  1975?



Another round of refreshing Heard-esque acoustic constructions, bearing titles like ‘Burial At Sea’, ‘Daddy’s Big Black Shoes’, ‘Act II’ and ‘God Has Made Her (Just For Me)’.  ‘DCC’ is a humorous poke at an unnamed place where they never say “gosh, golly, gee” (clue: elsewhere on the back cover there’s a reference to Dallas Christian College).  Likewise Darwinism takes a ribbing on ‘Isn’t Evolution Wonderful (thunder, waves, bongos), telling about how we all came from seaweed.  Mostly just acoustic guitars on this album, including a couple instrumentals, ‘Overture’ and a cover of ‘I’ll Fly Away’.  Joined by a female vocalist on ‘A Dream’.  Perfect  for those restful Appalachian Melody sort of moods.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Overture & I Wanted You To Know

02. Burial At Sea

03. I’ll Fly Away

04. D.C.C

05. Daddy’s Big Black Shoes

06. Act II

07. Isn’t Evolution Wonderful

08. God Has Made Her (Just For Me)

09. She And I

10. A Dream & Reprise & I Wanted To Know