New Beginnings  (Psalms & Proverbs POP 37)  1975?



In Contrast to the simple acoustic style of Gentle Breeze, New Beginnings adds drums, bass and electric guitar leads for a fuller folkrock sound not unlike Phil Keaggy’s What A Day.  In fact Keaggy is cited on the back cover for inspiration and encouragement, along with Honeytree.  It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a cover of Keaggy’s ‘Rejoice’, complete with volume pedal effects.  Most of the remaining songs were written either by Jon or his assisting friends Fred Plassman, Jan Porter, and Peter Lun.  ‘Psalm I’ is repeated from the debut, but now benefits from spacey electric guitar effects that push the mood toward folk-psych.  ‘Jesus Is Coming Soon’ is also re-done, this time in a heavier rock style with gritty electric guitar.  Also some effective purely acoustic moods.  The girls take turn on lead vocals for ‘Beloved’, ‘Ephesians 5’ and ‘I Cry In The Darkness’.  Originally a custom release, later picked up by Windy in a modified cover. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. New Beginning

02. Radiant Joy

03. Abiding Love

04. Psalm One

05. Beloved

06. Jesus Is Coming Soon

07. Ephesians Five

08. A Cry In The Darkness

09. Rejoice

10. Magnify

11. The Praise Song