Take Off Your Shoes (New Wine  NW-505)  1975



Quieter follow-up subtitled Earth Songs And Other Celebrations.  Relaxed carefree songwriting covering topics like observations from atop a Ferris Wheel, putting pennies on a railroad track (“Lincoln’s face is long and nearly gone”), looking at stars from a desert highway, and … taking off your shoes.  Easygoing acoustic folkrock and ballad style, with bittersweet melodies and fragile trembling vocals adding conviction.  Jim Strathdee and others are in here helping out again, though usually there are only a few instruments in the mix.  Banjo and harmonica on the more lighthearted tracks.  Magical use of mellotron on the moving contemplative ballad ‘Hymn To The Earth’, similar moods on the mandolin-backed ‘Lord Of All Hopefulness’.  Other song titles include ‘Sunday Dinner’, ‘Manoa Rain’, ‘Magician’, ‘Orion Over 395’ and ‘Linda McMinn’.  Nice reflective album.  See also New Wine 2, Summer Music Festival and Winter Music Festival.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Take Off Your Shoes

02. Ferris Wheel

03. The Gifts That You Gave Me

04. Pennies On The Track

05. Sunday Dinner

06. Hymn Of The Earth

07. Manoa Rain

08. Magician

09. Orion Over 395

10. Lord Of All Hopefulness

11. Linda McMinn

12. Has It Dawned On You