For My Friends  (Sunflower 77601)  1977


Also titled “An Evening With George Gagliardi”.  Live recording of Nashville blue-eyed soul from folk-singer/guitarist, featured here with female backup singers and a small band spotlighting piano.  His voice reminds me of a cross between the scruffiness of Cat Stevens and the high pitch of Benny Hester.  Lots of musical variety from acoustic blues to slow nightclub jazz to piano ballads to gospelly rock.  ‘Ain’t It The Gospel Truth’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘What About The Lonely Ones’, ‘You Are My Finest Hour’, ‘Just Wasn’t Born To Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star’, and ‘I’ve Goth Those… Blues’ are some of the titles Gagliardi has written here.  Gagliardi had earlier been a member of the group New Hope on the Light label.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




George has his own site and he will be adding tracks from his album to listen to.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Ain't It The Gospel Truth
1-3Words 'n Music
1-4What About The Lonely Ones
1-5A Simple Lullaby
2-1You Have Been My Finest Hour
2-3Just Wasn't Born To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star
2-4I Got Those Lay-Down-'N-Moan, Wanna-Go-Back-Home, Need-To-Roll-Away-The-Stone-Blues
2-5For My Friends