Bundle of Love (Mark Five DM 5343) 1978?



Her full name is Dana Marie Howard from Selma Indiana. Her own 2 originals are the best on this record I wish she had included more, so this is a mixture of types of songs. First the originals, her first the title song puts me in mind of a Karen Lafferty sound which works great for me, her second is ‘Come to the father’ with a slightly haunting plaintive sound with flute, strings and piano showing her good vocal range. 3 of the others are upbeat piano based with guitar, one with a country flavor, two with a piano inspirational mode, and a cover of come to the waters with a male harmony. Not a huge record but some talent and promise shown.   Review by Ozark Ken.




01. Bundle Of Love

02. Say I Do

03. For Those Tears I Died

04. You Won’t Believe The Difference

05. Come To The Father

06. You Should Have Come Sooner

07. Along Came Jesus

08. One Day Too Late

09. I Was In His Mind & Jesus Loves Me

10. My Tribute