I Shall See (Jonah Music  JMC-101)  1978



Another very fine custom lp with some charming moments.  A tad more in the melodic Catholic folk direction than Love Come Near.  Mostly a gentle flowing mix of acoustic guitar and piano, with nine-person vocal ensemble on the choruses.  Thirteen new composition divided into the Love Side and the Light Side.  I especially liked ‘They Say’ and ‘Psalm 62’, both beautiful flute-backed ballads.  Also some pleasant soft-strummed tracks like ‘I Believe That I Shall See’ and ‘You Are The Salt Of The Earth’.  Nice minor-key dulcimer mood on the closing ‘Wedding Blessing’.  Several guest, including Tim Schoenbachler on dulcimer, synthesizer, maracas and chorus.  From Louisville, Kentucky.       (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Alleluia 0:58
02. Make All Things New 2:30
03. Love Will Be Enough 3:22
04. Whereever I Am 2:42
05. You Shall Love God 3:29
06. Where There Is Love 2:50
07. Prayer In The Morning 1:32
08. Christmas Meditation 3:16
09. Psalm 62 3:39
10. I Believe That I Shall See 2:56
11. They Say 2:41
12. You Are The Salt Of The Earth 2:58
13 Wedding Blessing 2:34




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