Sing Of Eternal Life (ACTA  AC2714) 1969

Jericho Highway (One-O-One BRS-9387)  1969



Songwriting reverend with gobs of recordings, the above two being folk albums.  From what I can tell Jabusch himself doesn’t perform.  Sing Of Eternal Life is a simple happy folk songs with guy and cutsey harmonies from a handful of students at Northwestern University.  Jericho Highway has a more serious somber tone, using only guitar, flute, and the impassioned plaintive vocals of Patti Miller.  Enough strong tracks to carry each lp.  Catholic I Think.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. On The Jericho Highway

02. By The Sea

03. Mary Of Nazareth

04. Take Up Your Bed

05. A Prodigal Son

06. Is The Lord Calling You

07. Come To The Feast

08. Into This World

09. In My Name

10. Are Not Sparrows

11. Who Can Be Against Us