Winter Music Festival (New Wine  NW808)  1979



An obvious companion piece to the same label’s Summer Music Festival.   Once again it’s acoustic guitars and folk music in a live setting, including some of the same performers.  Bruce Bell and Paul Svenson open with ‘Cripple Creek’ and ‘Two Wings’.  Ruth Sandberg follows in femme folksinger mode with ‘Love Behind It All’, plus a piano ballad ‘Imagine’.  Next up is Bob Morley with ‘Spanish Pipe Dream’ (aka ‘Blow Up Your TV’), mixed  in with that Hee-Haw “where oh where are you tonight” song) and ‘Light Of A Clear Blue Morning’.  Bob’s a former member of the folk trio The Light Company and has numerous custom solo lps floating out there.  Side two begins with David Yantis and friends (guitars, drums, bass) strumming through ‘My Serendipity Day’ and ‘Smile’.  Piano man Al Rhodes-Wickett provides a bit of ragtime Christmas satire with ‘This Hotel’, followed by Sharon Rhodes-Wickett’s up-beat ‘Good News’.  Jim Manley closes the program with ‘Flute Song’ and the whimsical ‘Dance’ (which includes audience instruction to “bump your behinds”).  Both songs are joined by Judy Manley on flute. Forty-five minutes of fun.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Cripple Creek

02. Two Wings

03. Love Behind it All

04. Imagine

05. Spanish Pipe Dream

06. Light Of A Clear Blue Morning

07. My Serendipity Day

08. Smile

09. This Hotel

10. Good News

11. Flute song

12. Dance