Happening Now! (Broadmam 452-110)  1973?



Ah, the dark dank dreadful world of the Christian youth musical.  The Broadman label in particular seems to have an endless roster of these things, often housed in wild colorful psychedelic covers.  The whole genre mystifies me to no end with its theory that somehow easy listening choral schlock pop is the direct pipeline to raking in the souls of all those impressionable youths.  Every now and then, however, one comes along that registers enough points  on the cheese scale to justify keeping.  Happening Now!, for example, has some memorable use of sitar, fuzz guitar and harpsichord, as well as a few interesting titles like ‘The Communication Gap’, ‘Ain’t Happening Here’ and ‘Hymn To Rebellion’.  Good for a few cheap laughs when you get right down to it, it really ain’t that bad.  As long as you can get over that vocal barrier.  Get hip, man!  Be happening now!     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. It’s A New Day

02. The Communication Gap

03. Happening Now!

04. Ain’t Happening Here

05. Why

06. Oh My Child

07. Hymn To Rebellion

08. What Can I Do

09. I Don’t Want’a Get Involved

10. Tomorrow

11. Love Is The Answer

12. Just One Man