Living On The Edge (Star Song SSR-0021)  1980



There’s some fairly rockin’ and rollin’ stuff driving lead guitar on this overlooked Star Song release.  Sort of in the Stonehill and Norman camp, maybe not quite as down to earth due to bigger production and synths, organ, piano, sax, some strings, etc., plus a couple sanitized ballads, all adding up to that ’80s Christian rock sound.  The loud stuff kicks pretty solid, though, especially ‘Take ‘Em’, ‘Look For Love (The Best Love)’ and the boogie-rockin’ ‘Right Thru The Heart’ – air guitar city!  Tom on vocals and acoustic guitar, assisted by several musicians and backup singers, including Benny Hester, Brian Tankersley and The Way’s Gary Arthur and John Wickham.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Take 'Em3:52
1-3Look For Love (The Best Love)4:07
1-4Yesterday, Today, Forever4:54
2-1Living On The Edge3:40
2-2Service To The Son 3:24
2-3Dead End Street3:55
2-4If I Love You3:18
2-5Right Thru The Heart3:21