I Looked For Love (Light  LS-5510)  1968



A pop/easy listening album from Ralph — one of those records that’s so mellow it makes Evie sound like Motorhead. Smooth billowy male/female harmonies dish out ten Ralph-written standards like the title track, ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘One Of These Days’, ‘The Ballad Of St. Peter’ and ‘Love Is Surrender’ (which would be featured on The Carpenters’ Close To You album).  All titles are given easy ’60s pop arrangements that are heavily sautéed  in string and horns.  Potential elevator groovitude given the proper mood.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. I Looked For Love

02. A Quiet Place

03. You Can Touch Him If You Try

04. A Living Circle

05. One Of These Days

06. Love Is Surrender

07. I’m Gonna Go Back

08. There Is More To Life

09. The Ballad Of St. Peter

10. Land Without Tears