If You Can’t Shout Saved You’ll Have To Face The Penalty (Dove/Star Song  61/SSR-0020)  1980 UK *



Wacho new wave lp and a natural progression for the ever loveable and loony Ishmael and his band of like-minded visionaries.  Probably the first album of it’s kind to hit US shores (thanks to distribution from Star Song) and give a much needed jolt to the stagnating conservative mellow pop trend.  Punk rock purist beware – this is a very goofy album with a very British sound, but approach it with a sense of humour and you’re certain to become enlightened.  Not really a heavy record by any means and there’s surprisingly little electric guitar on here. (though it can be found driving the neurotic beat of ‘Song Of The Last Generation’ and ‘Jesus Trip’).  Instead the songs are frequently just drums, bass, and quirky pogo-punk organ (‘Crowd Trouble’ and the title track which compares one’s spiritual life to a soccer gamer), with some periodic sax, sound effects, and whatnot tossed in.  ‘Don’t Rock De Boat’ employs a Caribbean rhythm as it tells of Jesus calming the storm, assuring his disciples that “I’m in de boat and it won’t go down”.  ‘The Glories’ closes out the weirdness with the “kid wave” sound Ishmael carried on into his subsequent children’s releases.  I know many people that count this as one of their all-time favorites. Hilarious cover.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Song of the Last Generation2:31
1-2Star On Sunday3:14
1-4If You Can’t Shout Saved3:21
1-5Jesus Trip2:09
1-6Don’t Rock De Boat3:28
2-1Crowd Trouble2:54
2-3Now It’s All Gone Wrong2:11
2-4Caroline Robbins2:49
2-5Jesus Is Making A Comeback2:47
2-6The Glories4:21