Under The Spout Where The Glory Comes Out (Shalom SH-1138)  1974?


One last round as a guy/gal outfit.  While their debut had a few occasional rock edges, such moments on their sophomore release are few and far between.  Despite the interesting album title, Under The Spout is probably the groups least adventurous effort, as the praise factor weighs in heavily.  Pop praise, folk, country praise, praise hymns. If you’re okay with stuff like the Maranatha Praise series, Scripture In Song, etc., then you’ll be all right here, plus you’ll probably recognise a lot of the songs.   The one exception to the rule is their lively cover of ‘Jesus On The Mainline’ where they cut loose with some exciting electric guitar action.     (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. I Adore You

02. I Marvel At The Wisdom Of Our God

03. Nothing But The Blood

04. Allelujah

05. Sing-A-Long Medley

06. Jesus On The Mainline

07. God Is So Good

08. Turn The Hearts

09. Lift Jesus Higher

10. He Is Lord




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