Morning Glory/American Folk Mass (Omega OP6698)  1972



A few okay moments on this one in spite of the choral backing.  Side one consists of eight songs collectively titled Morning Glory while side two is a revamp of his 1961 American Folk Mass.  Explores folk, country, gospel blues, choral praise , pop and bluegrass (Randy Scruggs on banjo and dobro).  Even has a couple of rock moments that approach a Superstar sound.  Some heavy electric guitar on the opening track.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

You may notice on the back cover that the American Folk Mass was written in 1958 and originally recorded in 1961. Making it maybe the earliest Jesus Music.




01. Trisagion

02. Kyrie

03.  The Great Thanksgiving

04. Sanctus

05. Hozanna

06. The Lord’s Prayer

07. Gloria

08. Alleluia

09. Kyrie

10. Gloria

11. Creed

12. Lift Up Your Hearts, Sanctus, Benedictus

13. The Lord’s Prayer

14. O Lamb Of God

15. Alleluia