The Best Is Yet To Come (NALR ER-70) 1971



Admirable Catholic folk effort rendered in a soft, sincere, melodic, joyful acoustic/electric style.  Each song on this his first album uses only three instruments: Erich handles 12-string guitar and electric bass while David Dube richly fills out the sound with tones of his Hammond B-3 organ.  Sample titles are ‘Today Is The Crown Of Creation’, ‘Blessed Be God Forever’, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy Lord’, ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.  Also includes a few quickie liturgical numbers.  Erich was a prominent producer for many artist on this Cincinnati-based label.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Today Is The Crown Of Creation

02. Glory To God

03. Alleluia

04. Blessed Be God Forever

05. Holy

06. Acclamation

07. Amen

08. The Lord’s Prayer

09. Lamb Of God

10. Stay With Me

11. The Best Is Yet To Come