Simple Gifts (Epoch VII  SY-2)  1974



Simple Gifts builds upon the gentle basic style of The Best Is Yet To Come, while also including some rootier Shaker folk traditional, namely the title song and ‘Come Life, Shaker Life’ (a duet with Joe Wise), both performed with dulcimer accompaniment from Erich.  David Dube returns on electric organ, while newcomer John Pell adds lead electric and acoustic guitar to the mix.  Wendy Vickers (who also has an album on the same label) contributes backing vocals, plus there’s a cover of her song ‘Get On Board’.  Fiddle can be found livening up ‘Good News’  and ‘Peaceful Pastures’.  Also autoharp and light homemade strings in spots.  Eleven songs in all, a few of which are of the brief liturgical variety.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. This Is A Holy Day

02. Lord Have Mercy

03. Good News

04. Simple Gifts

05. Peaceful Pastures

06. Christ Will Come Again

07. Amazing Grace

08. Your Song That I Sing

09. Come Life, Shaker Life

10. Get On Board

11. Evening Prayer