Rainbow Reign (Great Northern Arts GNA 2000)  1980


Quality independent release that’s equal parts country, rock, and pop, arranged and orchestrated with production values comparable to larger labels.  A broader more sophisticated sound that standard female ccm.  Good voice, too.  Numerous musicians and supporting vocalists involved.  ‘Nova Scotia’, ‘White Sails’, ‘Silent Shepherd’, ‘Alleluhia’, ‘Rainbow Reign’ and ‘Holiness’ are some of the songs she’s written here.  She would go on to record future works under the artist name Serah.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Nova Scotia

02. Good News

03. White Sails

04. Rainbow Reign

05. Alleluhia

06. I’m So Glad To See You

07. Silent Shepherd

08. Surrounded

09. Holiness

10. Didn’t You Know