New Wine 2 (New Wine  NW 404)  1973



Much better production and more of a  focus on Individual performances.  Very listenable results producing a mix of coffeehouse and folk worship vibes.  Eleven songs featuring eight different singer/songwriters.  Jim Manley performs ‘Sing A Song Unto The Lord’ and ‘Lord Give Us Bread’ – his solo albums Raggedy Band and Take Off Your Shoes from this same label are both worth checking out.  Ruth Sandberg also has a couple tracks including the album’s standout ‘Children Of The Future’ featuring mysterious minor-key tones, unusual backing vocals, accentuated bass line, bongos and psychy organ.  Dave Farley has a particularly nice voice gracing his two simple folk tunes. Other artist include Jodie Howarth, Jerry Dickey, Bruce Bell, Bonnie Fackre and Jim Strathdee whose stirring ensemble-backed piano ballad ‘God Is Working His Purpose Out’ closes out the lp.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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01. With Jesus

02. Sing A Song Unto The Lord

03. Love Is The Greatest Gift

04. Let’s Go Climb A Tree

05. Sing Praise To The Lord

06. Come Bless This Land

07. Come Celebrate The Birthday Of The King

08. Lord Give Us Bread

09. Tomorrow Bound

10. Children Of The Future

11. God Is Working His Purpose Out