Requiem For A Nobody (Light LS-5576-LP) 1971


From soulful electric rockers to edgy flowers-in-your-hair pop/MOR, with a few eerie Gregorian chant-style moods in between, Requiem For A Nobody may well be Tedd Smith’s finest hour.  Fuzz guitar seems to be liberally strewn throughout, cropping up on tracks like ‘It’s Gonna Be All Right’, ‘See How They Run’, the organ-cooker ‘Why Can’t We Love One Another’ and the recurring ‘Requiem/Help Wanted’ theme.  Mysterious string orchestration in places, lifting gentle songs like ‘Remember Me’ into fragile pop-psych realms. Solo vocals by Jerry Whitman, Billy Thedford, Carol Carmichael and Dianna Lee.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Requiem & Help Wanted

02. Pictures

03. Lonely Come, Lonely Go

04. It’s Gonna Be All Right

05. And He’s Well Respected

06. Polly

07. Why Can’t We Love One Another

08. Hoping For More

09. Don’t You Know

10. Remember Me

11. See How & How They Run

12. Going Where & Hiding

13. Requiem & Help Wanted (Reprise)