The Now Present Moment / Beats Inside You (Somo Christo AM-1594)  1972?



Amateur folk ensemble doing covers of Sebastian Temple (‘Living God’), Paul Quinlan (‘It’s A Brand New Day’), Peter Scholtes (‘They’ll Know We Are Christians’), plus some original material.  Vocals gravitate toward that generic “youth folk” sound, but not too badly.  In fact they do a pretty fair approximation of God Unlimited on Tom Belt’s ‘Streams In The Desert’ and ‘God Unlimited’.  What makes this group more interesting than most is the basement electric guitar component.  You can hear it throughout the lp, but by far the best example is the closing version of Robert Edwin’s ‘With Joy’ where one can almost sense the 60’s garage band aspirations.  A couple of the girls-only selections recall The Medical Mission Sisters.  A custom production from Prince Of Peace Lutheran in Phoenix, Arizona.  Soma Christo is Greek for “body of Christ”.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Joy Is The Name Of The Game

02. Living God

03. Celebration Song

04. It’s A Brand New Day

05. Streams In The Desert

06. Set Me On Fire

07. Invocation

08. God Unlimited

09. They’ll Know We Are Christians

10. With Joy