We’re Happy We’re His (Triple Crown DW-3032)  1974?



A good share of humble low-key charm finds it’s way into this Iowa female quintet’s ultra-homemade acoustic set.  Often a soft mesmerizing quality the the vocals as they hauntingly murmur through versions of ‘I Believe’, ‘Come To The Water’, ‘Alleluia’ and Godspell’s ‘By My Side’.  A few of the songs feature equally attractive vocals from just a single singer.  Some nice original songs, including ‘Hey, He’s Really There’, ‘Benediction’ and ‘Thank You’.  I loved the recorder on the latter as well as on ‘All Good Gifts’, even if it does wander painfully off key a couple times.  Other than that, there’s usually just a single acoustic guitar in the background.  Closes with a medley of ‘He Ain’t Heavy/Silent Night’ that includes a spoken personal challenge in the middle.  Crudely drawn b&w cover illustration of the girls’ faces adds to the local appeal.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. He

02. Hey, He’s Really There

03. By My Side

04. I Believe

05. Benediction (For Jamie)

06. All Good Gifts

07. Come To The Water

08. Alleluia

09. Thank You

10. He Ain’t Heavy/Silent Night