He Died For Us (Pinebrook  SH-101) 1975



Mostly sunshine pop/MOR sounds for this eleven-person guy/gal outfit and their custom lp.  Horns are present (two trumpets, two trombones), usually in a mellow pop context, getting sassy every now and then on cuts like the lively ‘Harry McGrue’.  In between the originals are covers of ‘I Heard The Voice’, Sonlight’s ‘I Saw His Face’, the Jimmy Owens title track and a couple other Light/Lexicon titles.  They occasionally cross over into rock as on ‘Psalm 32’ which kicks in with some noteworthy electric guitar and wah-wah.  More decent electric guitar soloing and time signature shifts on the breezy jazz-edged ‘Shalom’.  The latter has hints of Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66, as their intriguing arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ with fancy percussion, piano and flute.
(The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Nice drum, percussion solo and duet in ‘Harry McGrue’.




01. I Saw His Face

02. Harry McGrue

03. Vision

04. He Died For Us

05. Psalm 32

06. Amazing Grace

07. A Friendship Song

08. Shalom

09. You Can See About Me

10. I Heard The Voice

11. Lord Make Your People One